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Monday 08 May, 2023

Should You Buy Plastic Bins With or Without Lids?

If you are shopping for plastic bins, you will have to make a number of decisions regarding the shape, size, color and other attributes or those bins. Among those decisions is determining whether to buy plastic bins with lids or plastic bins without lids. To make your decision, it helps to evaluate the pros and […]

Monday 01 May, 2023

What is the KonMari Method of Decluttering

If you have been searching for easy decluttering methods and techniques you can use to downsize the possessions crowding up your home, you will want to look into the KonMari method. This effective decluttering technique is a little different from most in that it is not so much “rule-based.” It is more subjective in nature, […]

Monday 24 April, 2023

How I’ve Been Dealing With My Paper Clutter

I’ll be honest. For a person who blogs regularly about decluttering and organizing, there are some spots in my house which are anything but neat and tidy. One of those spots for years has been the pile of paper clutter which towered behind my laptop on my desk. Recently my laptop keyboard stopped working, making […]

Monday 17 April, 2023

What is the Packing Party Decluttering Method?

Looking for minimalist decluttering tips and strategies? There are a lot of great techniques which can help you to make decisions about what to keep in your home and what to part with. One effective decluttering method you may have heard of is the “packing party” method developed by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, […]

Monday 10 April, 2023

The 90/90 Method for Decluttering

Before you can get your home organized, you need to get it decluttered. There are a lot of different methods for decluttering, one of which is the 90/90 technique. This method was developed by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, better known simply as “The Minimalists.” The 90/90 easy decluttering technique is incredibly straightforward. All […]

Monday 03 April, 2023

What Is Clutter, Anyway?

Planning on doing the hard work of decluttering your home or workplace? Decluttering and organizing your home is no easy task; you will probably spend weeks, months, or even years on it before you get your home into the semblance of order for which you are striving. Before you jump in, though, it is wise […]

Monday 27 March, 2023

What is the Difference Between Minimalism and Decluttering?

Two concepts which are frequently brought up in conjunction with each other are minimalism and decluttering. Maybe you are in search of minimalist decluttering tips or a minimalist decluttering checklist. Or maybe you want to know how to declutter and live minimally. But how connected are these concepts really? Are they interchangeable? Is a decluttered […]

Monday 20 March, 2023

How to Maintain Your Plastic Bins

On the whole, plastic bins for storage are pretty sturdy. They can certainly hold up to a lot more wear and tear than cardboard boxes. They offer advantages over wood as well. But that does not mean that they cannot be damaged. In fact, they can become warped and impossible to close, or they can […]

Monday 13 March, 2023

What to Do With Your Plastic Bins After You Move

If you are going to be moving sometime soon, you are probably going to end up needing to pick up a lot of containers for packing all of your stuff. These may include cardboard boxes, plastic storage bins, and more. After you are all set up in your new place, what do you do with […]

Monday 06 March, 2023

Why Use Plastic Bins for Moving?

Moving is always a nightmare. There are about a hundred things you need to do, even if you are just going to be moving across town. One of the most complicated and time-consuming tasks by far is simply packing up your stuff in boxes and unpacking it at your new location. Most people go straight […]

Monday 27 February, 2023

How to Clean Outdoor Plastic Storage Bins

I have been doing a fair bit of outdoor DIY work lately around my house. That has drawn my attention to a number of clean-up issues in my yard, garden and shed. Among them was the discovery that a number of my plastic bins for gardening had become quite grimy over the years. They were […]

Monday 20 February, 2023

Can You Put Paint Thinner In a Plastic Container?

Recently I took on a challenging DIY project, which was painting my house. I had no previous experience with paint, so I was totally unprepared for all the chemicals I was going to be handling and how to use them or store them properly. When I finished up my painting on day one, I realized […]

Monday 13 February, 2023

Getting Ready to Paint? Stock Up on Plastic Bins

This past week, I tackled a huge DIY project, and painted my house. It was the first time I ever painted anything since I was a kid, and the first time I had to do it on my own. To say I was ill-prepared would be the understatement of the year. Besides all the technique […]

Monday 06 February, 2023

3 Uses for Ultra Stack and Hang Bins

One of the most popular products we stock is the Ultra stack and hang system. This includes the stack and hang bins along with the stack and hang shelf. Stack and hang storage bins come in a number of sizes, and fit perfectly on steel and wire shelving units designed to hold them. These bins […]

Monday 30 January, 2023

3 Easy Tasks to Declutter Your Living Room

Your living room is one of the central areas in your household, and one of the rooms that it is most important to keep clean, clutter-free, and organized. This is one of the rooms that you spend time with your family each day, and it also is probably where you entertain your guests. A clutter-free […]