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Monday 26 May, 2014

How to Separate Your Trash Into Color Coded Bins

One of the many applications of color coded bins is waste management. Most countries have a similar or even identical system of waste management color coordinating. The idea is that by using color coded bins for waste segregation, you are able to communicate to waste management employees what is in each of your trash containers. […]

Monday 19 May, 2014

Black Wire Shelving

One of our most popular products is chrome wire shelving. Wire shelving units are some of the most all-around useful organizational supplies you can purchase. They are perfect in any industry, and work great on retail sales floors, in stockrooms, and in other environments. Black wire shelving units are our newest product offering. These shelves […]

Friday 16 May, 2014

How to Set Up a Retail Sales Floor – Part 3

• Don’t just use a bunch of parallel aisles. While a simple grid of parallel aisles might seem easy, it is also boring and mind-numbing. Customers will have a hard time seeing anything on your shelves clearly if they see your entire store as one homogenous mass. Try setting some displays at angles, adding in […]

Wednesday 14 May, 2014

How to Set Up a Retail Sales Floor – Part 2

• Grab attention when buyers enter. It’s important to have at least one standout display near the entrance to your store. Studies have shown that buyers tend to look left first, not right, so either position the display directly in front of the buyer entering, or slightly to the left. This makes buyers slow down […]

Monday 12 May, 2014

How to Set Up a Retail Sales Floor – Part 1

Putting together your store layout for the first time? When you are setting up a retail environment, there really are no limits on what you can do besides your imagination and your cash flow. You can find some excellent deals on wire shelving units and other retail shelving systems. Many of the retail shelves you […]

Friday 09 May, 2014

Why Use Slatwall for Retail? – Part 3

You can get a number of different types of slatwall configurations. There are slatwall displays which you can push up against a wall, or there are rotating cubes or 2- or 4-way merchandisers which customers can walk around to find products on all sides. A gondola slatwall merchandiser with an “H” shaped design is another […]

Wednesday 07 May, 2014

Why Use Slatwall for Retail? – Part 2

The greatest advantage of a slatwall retail fixture however is probably the fact that you can customize your display however you want. The horizontal grooves can hold hooks anywhere you want to place them inside the grooves. That means you can set up your slatwall in any configuration you need, and you can change the […]

Monday 05 May, 2014

Why Use Slatwall for Retail? – Part 1

When you’re setting up your retail product displays, one type of display you may find particularly useful, no matter what you’re selling, is slatwall. What is slatwall? It’s a type of building material that you probably recognize from retail stores you have visited. It’s also known as slotwall, and consists of a number of parallel, […]

Friday 02 May, 2014

An Introduction to Retail Product Displays – Part 3

• Slatwall for retail is another versatile choice for any retail setting. Slatwall displays are sleek and attractive, and allow you to place hooks wherever you want. That makes them great not only for clothing stores, but also retail stores where you might need to display items in unusual sizes or shapes (like hardware). • […]