Monday 23 November, 2020

Create a Holiday Filing System

The words “filing system” probably do not put you immediately in a festive mood—but maybe they should, because they are the key to an organized season of giving. In fact, putting together a filing system for gifts, parties and more is one of the simplest and most powerful holiday organization tips you are going to […]

Monday 16 November, 2020

Get the Clutter Under the Christmas Tree Under Control

Hoping for a no clutter Christmas this year? It can be done, but it does take a little advance planning and some creativity to make it happen. You may already have some solutions set up for keeping your Christmas ornaments and decorations organized, but what about the space around your tree? You’ve set up your […]

Monday 09 November, 2020

Top Merchandising Display Mistakes, Part 3

If you are setting up retail display fixtures in your store, you know what a challenge it can be to make the most of those displays. Displaying products isn’t just about keeping them organized on your sales floor, it is about creating a visual sales funnel. Getting more out of your retail display cases and […]

Monday 02 November, 2020

Top Merchandising Display Mistakes, Part 2

When is the last time you looked over your retail display ideas and thought about how you could improve your merchandising displays? It is all too easy to slip into the habit of thinking of merchandising display racks as simply somewhere to put your products. Merchandising display systems are sales tools and can boost conversions […]

Monday 26 October, 2020

Top Merchandising Display Mistakes, Part 1

It is easy to get into a habit when it comes to how you organize your merchandising display racks. But now and again it is a good idea to research merchandising display ideas and take a good, hard look at the setup you have right now. Is it really working? Is it generating sales or […]

Monday 19 October, 2020

Sensory Tub Activity Ideas

Are you the parent of a baby or a toddler? If so, you may be familiar with the concept of sensory play and sensory play activities. Basically, sensory play activities are any activities that help to stimulate your child’s senses and engage him or her with the world. They are a wonderful way to foster […]

Monday 12 October, 2020

Tiny House Organizing Ideas: Ideas for Organizing Your Tiny House Kitchen

Are you constantly running out of counter space when you cook? Do you feel like your kitchen is ridiculously small? It is a common sentiment among chefs even in regular-sized apartments and houses. So imagine how hard it would be to cook in a really tiny kitchen. Right now, it is trendy for people to […]

Monday 05 October, 2020

Tiny House Organizing Ideas: Ideas for Organizing Your Tiny House Living Room

If you live in a tiny house, in many ways your living room is your house. Usually the living room is combined with the kitchen. Though the two form distinct spaces in the house, there is rarely a partition between them. That means that many of the smart home organizing ideas from tiny house dwellers […]

Monday 28 September, 2020

Tiny House Organizing Ideas: Ideas for Organizing Your Tiny House Bathroom

Thinking about moving into a tiny house? In this series, I explore ideas for organizing small spaces which are ideal if your entire living space measures 500 square feet or less. These same ideas are totally useful in larger spaces as well, so even if you just want to free up space in a mid-sized […]

Monday 21 September, 2020

Tiny House Organizing Ideas: Ideas for Organizing Your Tiny House Loft

Recently I decided that it is high time that I focused some articles on our blog on the popular tiny house trend. Tiny houses are usually defined as houses which measure no more than 500 square feet. While some are larger, many are smaller. As you can imagine, organizing a small space like that can […]

Monday 14 September, 2020

Store a Postcard Collection in Plastic Bins

Do you collect postcards? Most people have at least a few lying around, but many others stockpile them over the years and are quite proud of their collections. Some you might have received from friends, while you might have picked up others on your own travels as souvenirs. Still others might be vintage postcards which […]

Monday 07 September, 2020

What You Don’t Realize About Organizing Blogs and Videos, Part 2

You know those absolutely gorgeous photos you see on Pinterest of perfectly organized homes—and those perfect moms with their perfect white-picket fence homes and perfectly behaved children on YouTube? If you are into organizing tips and tricks, I am guessing you spend a lot of time looking at videos, photos, and blogs like these. But […]

Monday 31 August, 2020

What You Don’t Realize About Organizing Blogs and Videos, Part 1

Most of us live in homes which are less organized than we would like. Whether you are living amid the chaos of clutter or you are simply looking for a way to get more organized, your goals may seem out of reach. But could that be because you are setting unrealistic goals to begin with? […]

Monday 24 August, 2020

How to Create a Long-Term Food Supply

Whether you are preparing for small emergencies or the end of the world as we know it (I’m only half-kidding since that is a huge social trend these days), a long-term food supply can go a long way toward helping you to feel safe and secure. It also has a number of other advantages. Over […]

Monday 17 August, 2020

Natural Ways to Remove Stains from Plastic Bins, Part 1

Because plastic bins are so versatile, chances are good that you use them all around your home. That means that there are many different ways in which plastic totes for storage can become dirty and stained through use. Your clear plastic food containers can become discolored over time, and you can end up getting all […]