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Monday 29 December, 2014

Window Display Tips for Retail

If you run a retail store, one of the best advertising tools you have at your disposal is your window display. Passersby who window shop often end up becoming customers who purchase the goods inside your store. How interesting your window display is determines whether a customer is likely to step inside for a closer […]

Monday 22 December, 2014

Get Your Storage Areas Organized

Where do you store things in your house that you are not using during most of the year? Do you keep everything extra in an attic or in a basement, maybe in a closet or even a storage room? Are some things haphazardly stowed away in the backs of drawers, cabinets, and closets which have […]

Monday 15 December, 2014

Cleaning Up After the Holidays

The Holidays are a lot of fun, but the chore of cleaning up afterwards is usually anything but. A lot of clutter comes into your home during the last month of the year. You may have a lot of new items in your house, especially if you have children, and odds are you also have […]

Monday 08 December, 2014

Organizing a Sewing Room

If you are passionate about sewing, you have probably discovered by now that sewing is a craft that takes up quite a bit of space. Sewing supplies by themselves take up a lot of room; all that fabric can really pile up quickly. Many supplies are also very small and can easily become lost. And […]

Monday 01 December, 2014

Organize Kids’ Keepsakes

If you have children, you know just how many keepsakes can accumulate over the years, especially during elementary school. Some of these keepsakes are items you might want to save for yourself, while others are things your children wish to save. They may include everything from report cards and birthday cards to childhood artwork to […]