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Friday 28 June, 2013

Organize Your Home – Part 5

Finally, if you have a home office or study, you can also work on organizing that to make your life easier. Even if you don’t use a home office to do business, you can still benefit from a filing system for your personal accounting and finances, and it’s still a good idea to organize things […]

Wednesday 26 June, 2013

Organize Your Home – Part 4

Organizing your bedroom is probably the next step. You can tackle both your closet and your drawers. Large plastic containers in your closet are ideal for storing underwear, socks, and shirts which you can fold up. You can purchase small plastic containers to put in your drawers. These are perfect for watches, jewelry, and other […]

Monday 24 June, 2013

Organize Your Home – Part 3

The bathroom is easy to organize once you’ve done your kitchen, because you can start out the same way. The same plastic trays and bins you found useful in your kitchen can help you get organized in your bathroom. Open-face bins are great for storing supplies like your toothbrush, floss, and other daily necessities, while […]

Friday 21 June, 2013

Organize Your Home – Part 2

One of the best places to start out is the kitchen. You spend a lot of time in the kitchen in all likelihood, and while you’re preparing dinner, there’s plenty of moving things around. It can take twice as long to prepare your meal if you don’t know where anything belongs, and it can also […]

Wednesday 19 June, 2013

Organize Your Home – Part 1

Getting ready to clean house and organize your life? You don’t necessarily need to hire an organizational expert just to get your house uncluttered. Whether you’re going to start out by getting your closet in order, cleaning up the mess in your kitchen, or tidying up the bathroom, a lot of the same home organization […]

Monday 17 June, 2013

Organize Your Garage with Bins – Part 4

Once you’ve put your tools and other items away in bins, make sure to label them clearly and display them so that you can see the labels at a glance even if you can’t see what’s inside the bin immediately. Arrange your bins on your garage shelves in a logical manner so that related items […]

Friday 14 June, 2013

Organize Your Garage with Bins – Part 3

Plastic storage bins for tools are particularly useful in the garage, especially those which include divided compartments for different supplies. Dividable storage bins which close with clear plastic covers are ideal for keeping related items separate but consolidated. Different types of nails, screws, brackets and other small tools can be sorted and stored in this […]

Wednesday 12 June, 2013

Organize Your Garage with Bins – Part 2

The very first step in organizing your garage is probably to clean it out. Garages are rooms where people tend to accumulate things they don’t really need and lose the items which they do need. Going through your garage you’ll probably find plenty of items which can be donated at the thrift store or sold […]

Monday 10 June, 2013

Organize Your Garage with Bins – Part 1

The garage is one part of the house which can easily become disorganized since we may not spend as much time there as we do in other parts of our home—or if we do, it’s usually because we’re working on messy projects which add to the clutter. One way you can organize your garage in […]

Friday 07 June, 2013

Organize Your Drawers with Plastic Bins – Part 4

In your office you can use dividable grid containers and other plastic storage boxes in your drawers to hold small items like pencils, erasers, paper clips, and rubber bands. Otherwise these items can slide to the back of your drawers and be difficult to reach. Dividable containers can also sit on top of your desk […]

Wednesday 05 June, 2013

Organize Your Drawers with Plastic Bins – Part 3

For the bathroom you’ll also want clear plastic bins with lids. These bins will keep your supplies sealed off from moisture and are great for storing floss, cotton swabs, q-tips, and other small items. You can also purchase plastic pins for first aid supplies, as well as organizational bins for medications. All of these bins […]

Monday 03 June, 2013

Organize Your Drawers with Plastic Bins – Part 2

First you’ll need to line your drawers. Depending on where your drawer is located and what you plan to store in it, you may need a different type of liner. For example, if you’re lining a kitchen drawer, you want to use a protective liner which you can wipe clean. Drawers in bedrooms usually benefit […]