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Monday 25 December, 2023

How Do You Know When Clutter Has Gone Too Far? Part 2

Where is the line drawn for clutter vs. collecting vs. hoarding? It can be a challenge to identify, but there are few ways to know if your clutter or collecting has progressed to the stage where you could consider it to be hoarding. In Part 1, I shared these examples: 1. Your clutter is costing […]

Monday 11 December, 2023

How Plastic Bins Can Save You Money While Moving

Thinking of looking for moving totes for sale instead of going with regular cardboard boxes? It is a decision which could pay off in more ways than one. The best plastic containers for moving offer you unparalleled convenience and versatility—and they could actually save you money. This may come as a surprise considering that you […]

Monday 04 December, 2023

When Minimalism Isn’t an Option, Part 2

The benefits of minimalism make it an appealing choice for organizing and lifestyle, but for many people, it is not a practical option. In When Minimalism Isn’t an Option, Part 1, I explained three reasons why minimalism may not work if you live on a tight budget: 1. You may not be able to afford […]