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Monday 25 June, 2018

Should You Use Mod Podge or Tape when Decorating Plastic Bins?

If you are looking up ideas for decorating plastic bins, you will find that a lot of ideas involve attaching contact paper, wallpaper or other beautiful paper to the inside of the containers so that the colors and patterns show through the clear plastic. Some tutorials advise that you use tape, while others advise that […]

Monday 18 June, 2018

Plastic Bin Decorating Idea: Weave Ribbons or Fabric

Plastic bins may be useful, but are they pretty? Usually not. They generally look quite bland, if not downright unattractive. That might be fine in your garage, but what about the plastic storage containers for clothes, food and more in your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, and other area of the house? You have gone […]

Monday 11 June, 2018

How Can You Put Holes in a Plastic Bin?

If you have purchased plastic containers for use around the home, there are a number of situations where you might end up wondering how to make a hole in hard plastic. If something will be living in the bin for example, it might need air holes. Or you could be looking to punch holes in […]

Monday 04 June, 2018

Ideas for Hiding Recycling and Trash Bins

Do you have a set of recycling and trash bins sitting out in your yard or next to your driveway? They may be convenient, but there is no denying that they are an eyesore. If you are looking for a creative way to help them blend in with the scenery, there are plenty of ideas […]