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Monday 27 September, 2021

Tips for Organizing Your Dorm Room Desk

When it comes to dorm room organization, what you will probably spend the most time is trying to figure out how to organize your dorm room desk. This is only natural—you will spending a great deal of your time there, and the better organized it is, the higher your grades will probably be and the […]

Monday 20 September, 2021

4 Reasons to Use Plastic Storage Bins in Your Dorm

While shopping for dorm room supplies, you probably will consider picking up some plastic storage containers for school. But you may be wondering why they are so ubiquitous at container stores this time of year. Why are they an especially good fit for college students? Here are just a few reasons. 1. You can customize […]

Monday 13 September, 2021

8 Surprising Dorm Room Organization Hacks, Part 2

So you need to organize your dorm room. Organizing a small space on a budget isn’t easy, but it is doable. In Part 1 of this set, I provided you with the following dorm room organization tips: 1. Make use of divided plastic storage containers. 2. Use soda can tabs to expand wardrobe storage. 3. […]

Monday 06 September, 2021

8 Surprising Dorm Room Organization Hacks, Part 1

If you are moving into your freshman dorm—or have just finished unpacking (or trying to)—you probably are astounded by just how little space you have to work with. When it comes to dorm room storage hacks, the focus is all on keeping everything as tidy and compact as possible. Let’s take a look at a […]