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Wednesday 30 October, 2013

Why Choose Wire Shelving? – Part 2

• Wire shelves do not invite dust to settle. Since wire shelving by definition has less surface area than other types of shelves, dust is less likely to settle and take hold. The surface area of the mesh simply is not conducive to it, which makes it much easier to maintain the cleanliness of your […]

Monday 28 October, 2013

Why Choose Wire Shelving? – Part 1

Chrome wire shelving and stainless steel wire shelving are two popular options for storage, particularly in retail environments like shop floors and storage areas. Why choose wire shelving racks instead of some other type of shelving unit, like metal or wood shelves? There are a number of benefits which make wire shelves an ideal solution […]

Friday 25 October, 2013

Setting Up a Home Office – Part 3

• A few sturdy shelves are all you need to transform a small section of a wall or an otherwise useless little nook into a functional home office—even if you can only use part of a room for your office space. Have a small space between a couple of windows which you are not using […]

Wednesday 23 October, 2013

Setting Up a Home Office – Part 2

• Office spaces organized using clear plastic bins can help you to conserve desk space. Plastic bin storage can be used to hold pens and pencils, erasers, staples, paper clips, and other useful items which otherwise are easy to lose. Having a clear, clean desk not only makes your office more clutter-free and efficient, but […]

Monday 21 October, 2013

Setting Up a Home Office – Part 1

Whether you are self-employed and do your work out of your home or you like to take work home from the office, there are advantages to setting aside a room or space in your house for office work. Setting up a home office in a small space can be a challenge, but even in relatively […]

Friday 18 October, 2013

How to Organize Your Tools – Part 3

• Purchase a tool cabinet. A storage cabinet with doors is a great choice for a garage, because you can keep your tools inside in plastic bins, but close the doors when you aren’t working on projects for a neat, clutter-free look. Others in your household will appreciate it, and anytime you are ready to […]

Wednesday 16 October, 2013

How to Organize Your Tools – Part 2

• Get rid of the dross. If you have tools or parts you never use and have no reason to expect you will ever need, get rid of them and free up some space. These tools and parts can be gifted to friends, posted online for sale, or donated to a charity shop. If you […]

Monday 14 October, 2013

How to Organize Your Tools – Part 1

Maybe you’re handy with a hammer or a saw, but how handy are you with your organizational scheme? Tools and workshops are holy places for many, but they can be tough to keep organized. Nothing is worse than losing a tool right when you need it, which is why it is helpful to spend some […]