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Monday 30 December, 2019

This Simple Hack Makes Christmas Ornament Storage Easy

Fall is actually the perfect time to start thinking about Christmas ornament storage ideas. Yes, the holidays are still a ways away, but in the mad rush to get everything set up for the holidays, it is easy to get burned out. Afterwards it is difficult to take the time to come up with new […]

Monday 23 December, 2019

Use a Plastic Storage Tote to Transport Craft Show Jewelry

Are you an artisan who travels to and from farmer’s markets and craft shows on a regular basis? If so, you probably have struggled to come up with a fast, easy, and secure transport solution for your merchandise. As it turns out, plastic storage containers with lids make an excellent choice. And with some simple […]

Monday 16 December, 2019

Augment Your Shelving With Hanging Storage Bins

These days it is all the rage to live in tight spaces. The tiny house movement has become a big deal, which means that a lot of people are now searching for storage solutions for small spaces. If you have limited wall space, you want to make full use of it. One great way to […]

Monday 09 December, 2019

Create a Home Filing System

Is your home office swamped in a mire of old receipts, tax documents, forms, and mail? It is an all too common woe; when you first start that little pile on the corner of your desk, it is with every intention of eventually getting it all filed neatly away. Of course, “tomorrow” quickly becomes the […]

Monday 02 December, 2019

5 Steps to Organize Your Office Drawers

When you need a paperclip or a red pen, do you find yourself going to the office inventory room instead of simply pulling open your desk drawer? It is easy for desk drawers to get out of control. We toss paperclips and pens and binder clips and even papers inside without really thinking. The desk […]