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Thursday 29 September, 2022

4 Easy Organizing Tips for Getting Items Off the Floor

Have a hard time just walking through your home because your floor is filled with piles of clutter? Whether you are looking for tips to declutter the garage floor or free up floor space in your closet, bedroom or living room, here are some tips to help you tidy up. 1. Invest in shelving. The […]

Monday 19 September, 2022

Using a Plastic Bin as a Home for a Ball Python: Steps

Once in a while, I stumble across a fascinating use I’ve never heard of for simple plastic storage containers, such as setting up a plastic bin for a ball python. I knew that you could create a home for hamsters inside a plastic box, but I had no idea that you could use a plastic […]

Monday 12 September, 2022

How to Clean Out Your Junk Room

Most people have a junk drawer—a random drawer somewhere in the house which has intentionally or otherwise become a receptacle for everyday arbitrary clutter. But you might also have a junk room. Of course, no real estate agent taking homebuyers on a tour ever says, “And here you see the junk room …” No room […]

Monday 05 September, 2022

How to Clean Out Your Plastic Bins

While moving a few weeks ago, I decided it was the perfect time for a good clear-out. Despite being passionate about decluttering and organizing my home, I admit that sometimes I neglect the job for way too long. What I should say is that I neglect decluttering and organizing certain areas of my home. Have […]