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Monday 26 October, 2015

Tips for Storing Clothing

If you own a lot of clothing, there may be times of the year when you put a lot of it in storage. Maybe you pack away your winter clothes during the summer months, or your summer clothes over the winter. Or perhaps you are saving hand-me-down clothes from your growing child for a future […]

Monday 19 October, 2015

How to Organize Gloves, Mittens, Scarves, and Other Winter Gear

Are you still looking at your winter gear in the middle of summer? It’s pretty annoying going through your closet and tripping over fallen scarves and mittens. If you are wondering how to organize gloves and hats and other winter gear, here are some ideas! • Try door shoe organizers. For something invented for such […]

Monday 12 October, 2015

How to Organize Your Desk at Home

Organizing a desk at home can pose some unique challenges. For one, you may actually be organizing a small desk area without a lot of space to spare. Maybe you do not even have a home office, and your desk is just pushed inside a little nook somewhere in another room. For another thing, you […]

Monday 05 October, 2015

What Can You Use to Organize Makeup?

Makeup is great for beautifying your face, but not so much for beautifying your dresser drawer, your closet, or your bathroom counter. In fact, you really only need a small assortment to make a mess. Just a few lip gloss tubes and a handful of eyeshadow colors can easily get mixed together, making it hard […]