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Monday 30 July, 2018

6 Reasons Plastic Bins Make the Best Planters, Part 2

Have you ever thought about using plastic bins as planters? Plastic may not be the first material to pop into your head when you think about gardening, but plastic bins for gardening have a number of unique advantages over ceramic, wood or other materials. In Part 1, I shared the following 3 benefits: 1. Plastic […]

Monday 23 July, 2018

6 Reasons Plastic Bins Make the Best Planters, Part 1

Thinking about purchasing some plastic bins for gardening, but not sure if you should consider going with another sturdier material like ceramic or wood for your planters? It is understandable that you might consider these options, considering that plastic is flimsy and can break—but plastic bins provide you with quite a few significant benefits which […]

Monday 16 July, 2018

Make a Garden Fountain Using an Old Plastic Bin

If you have ever wanted to put a fountain in your garden, you have probably already figured out that this can be an expensive and rather involved project. This is true whether you are going to go the DIY route or you have been thinking about purchasing a fountain which is already pre-made and ready […]

Monday 09 July, 2018

Use Your Plastic Bins to Create Easy Furniture

When you think of clear plastic storage boxes, you probably do not think of furniture. But maybe you should. After all, a lot of outdoor furniture for your lawn or patio is made of plastic anyway. Plastic is not the most sturdy material for furniture, but it is affordable and versatile, and it can stand […]

Monday 02 July, 2018

What Is The Best Way to Reheat Food in a Plastic Container?

A lot of people wonder, “Can you heat plastic containers in the microwave?” The answer to that question is “yes,” so long as you are purchasing microwave-safe plastic food containers. But when it comes to reheating food in plastic food containers with lids, you may not be sure of the best approach to take. The […]