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Monday 30 May, 2022

Even More Ways to Arrange a Dorm Room

While you are looking for cheap dorm room ideas and stocking up on the supplies on your dorm room checklist, one thing you should take some extra time to think about is how you are going to arrange your furniture. This will impact the dorm room organization essentials which you invest in. Here are some […]

Monday 23 May, 2022

Is it Safe to Microwave Plastic?

You pull your plastic containers for leftovers out of the freezer and get ready to pop them in your microwave to heat up a quick dinner. But before you press the button, you can’t help but wonder: should you really be doing that? At one point or other, all of us have heard someone say […]

Monday 16 May, 2022

How to Weld a Plastic Bin Back Together

Need to repair a cracked plastic container? While your first thought might be to just toss the bin and replace it, you can actually fix a cracked plastic container through a relatively simple welding process. The supplies required are pretty basic, and you can do this job with beginning welding skills. Read on to find […]

Monday 09 May, 2022

Best Budget Ideas for Dorm Room Storage

Best Budget Ideas for Dorm Room Storage When it comes to looking for ideas to organize and decorate a dorm room on a budget, you will find that there are actually ample options out there. Most college students do not have a lot of money to spend on dorm room organization ideas, and this is […]

Monday 02 May, 2022

Questions to Ask Before Shopping For Your Dorm Room

Working through a dorm room shopping checklist can feel like the mother lode of all chores. Whether you are a student or a parent, it can be tempting to buy every single item on the list you have been given by the university, but in actuality, that is one of the most common dorm room […]