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Monday 28 August, 2023

Common Dorm Room Organizing Mistakes

Organizing your first dorm room can be an exciting part of your journey into independence—but it can also be a big challenge fitting all of your stuff into a small space. You will probably be sharing that space with at least one other person, possibly more. I’ve found a lot of articles are out there […]

Monday 21 August, 2023

Using a Plastic Bin as a Home for a Ball Python: General Advice

Need to provide a pet snake with a home which is safe, comfortable, affordable, and convenient? One option is simply to repurpose a regular plastic tub into a plastic container for a ball python. Previously, I shared the steps with you to get set up with a plastic bin for a ball python. Now, I […]

Monday 14 August, 2023

Questions to Ask When Buying Plastic Pots for Plants

Thinking of shopping for plastic containers for plants? Plastic is an excellent material for this purpose on the whole, though there are some other options worth thinking about as well, like ceramic. If you are in the market for cheap nursery pots, plastic can save you a lot of money—in fact, some plants can even […]

Monday 07 August, 2023

How to Clean White Plastic

Chances are good that you have some white plastic out in your yard. Maybe you have some plastic bins for gardening in white, or some white plastic lawn chairs. White is a clean, neutral color, and can complement any yard, garden, patio, or deck. That is true in the beginning, at least. Over time, white […]