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Monday 25 April, 2016

Great Habits for Home Organizing, Part 1

It is easy to think of home organizing as something you need to schedule in advance, especially at this time of the year. Spring cleaning is a big deal for a lot of households, but the problem with it is that it only lasts for a few months, and then everything is typically a mess […]

Monday 18 April, 2016

Bad Workplace Organizing Habits: Desk Clutter

If there is one area of workplace organization that pretty much every employee seems to struggle with, it is desk clutter. Even the cleanest, most organized desks usually have some problems. But many are downright terrible. There are employees who can no longer even find the surface of their desks, because they are buried under […]

Monday 11 April, 2016

Bad Workplace Organizing Habits

It isn’t just the home that is tough to keep organized; the workplace leads to many challenges too. There are so many problems with being disorganized at work which go well beyond those you experience at home. Being disorderly in the workplace doesn’t just mean a messy cubicle—it means you have a harder time getting […]

Monday 04 April, 2016

Bad Home Organizing Habits You Need to Break, Part 2

Do you work hard to get your home organized, but find that none of your efforts seem to pay off? It could be that you are serious about getting organized, but you are sabotaging your own success through poor habits. In Part 1, I talked about several common culprits: hoarding papers, disorganized desktops, and impulse […]