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Monday 15 January, 2018

6 Plastic Bin Resolutions for 2018

Happy 2018! What are your New Year’s resolutions for organizing this year? Do you plan to tidy up the den or the garage, re-organize the kitchen, or finally take care of that clutter in your bedroom closet? Whatever your plans, one thing you should consider doing is taking a close look at how you are […]

Monday 08 January, 2018

Should You Use Plastic Containers As Planters?

If you are into gardening, and especially if you are an urban gardener without a lot of space to work with, you may have thought of using plastic containers as planters. There are a lot of reasons why using plastic storage bins as planters is a tempting idea. Plastic tubs are cheap, they’re lightweight, they’re […]

Monday 01 January, 2018

Try Plastic Bins for Worm Composting! Part 4: Getting Set Up

This will be the last article in my series on using plastic storage totes for worm composting. If you haven’t yet, go back and read Part 1 for an introduction to worm composting. Part 2 will teach you the benefits. In Part 3, I briefly introduce you to several different worm composting systems which use […]

Monday 25 December, 2017

Try Plastic Bins for Worm Composting! Part 3: Types of Bins

There are a lot of uses for plastic bins for storage that you probably are familiar with—but did you know that plastic bins make great habitats for worm composting? Worm composting provides you with an excellent fertilizer and soil treatment you can use in your yard which is natural and eco-friendly. Be sure to start […]

Monday 18 December, 2017

Try Plastic Bins for Worm Composting! Part 2: Benefits

Recently I discovered an innovative use for plastic bins for gardening. I already knew that plastic storage containers could be used for really cool things like hydroponics, but I had no idea that they could also be used for worm composting. Actually, they’re the industry standard even among commercial worm farmers. So they’re perfect for […]

Monday 11 December, 2017

Try Plastic Bins for Worm Composting! Part 1: Introduction

Now and again I discover a bold use for plastic storage totes that I had no idea existed. There are actually a lot of different ways you can use plastic storage containers for gardening. They make great planters, you can use them in hydroponics, and they also can be converted into miniature greenhouses or simple […]

Monday 04 December, 2017

Start a Holiday Planning Center

The holidays are a time to relax with your family and share in the festive cheer of the season … at least in theory. In reality, relaxing might be the last thing you will be doing during the fall and winter this year (or any year). Holidays are fun, but they are also a ton […]

Monday 27 November, 2017

3 Tips For Grouping Products In Retail Displays

Throughout your store, you probably have a wide variety of visual merchandising display fixtures. But choosing the right types of retail display racks and cases is only the start of designing effective product showcases. One of the trickier aspects involves how you group products within those displays. One of the most common beginner mistakes is […]