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Monday 28 August, 2017

Home Organization: What to Tackle First

Maybe you’ve finally decided to tackle the adventure of organizing your home. But how to start organizing your house? That’s a tough question. You may wonder whether you should start doing it all at once, or just take on one room at a time, and if so, which room to start with. There are many […]

Monday 21 August, 2017

Organize Under Your Kitchen Sink

One of the messiest spots in any house almost always seems to be the area under the kitchen sink. No matter what you do, there are so many reasons this is a tough spot to keep tidy. Why is it hard to organize under the kitchen sink? • It is such a small space. It […]

Monday 14 August, 2017

Smart Ways to Label Toy Bins for Kids

Are you trying to organize a child’s bedroom or playroom? One of the best types of storage organizers for toys is clear plastic totes. The clear bins are great, because children can see through them to the contents inside. Still, most small kids need a little extra guidance to know where to put things. Otherwise, […]

Monday 07 August, 2017

How to Spray Paint Plastic Bins

While you can buy plastic storage containers in a wide variety of colors, most of the time you will find your basic solid colors: red, blue, yellow, and so on. You are not as likely to find pink, or purple, or an unusual shade of green, blue, yellow, or orange. That means if you want […]