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Monday 30 January, 2023

3 Easy Tasks to Declutter Your Living Room

Your living room is one of the central areas in your household, and one of the rooms that it is most important to keep clean, clutter-free, and organized. This is one of the rooms that you spend time with your family each day, and it also is probably where you entertain your guests. A clutter-free […]

Monday 23 January, 2023

3 Cheap Organizing Supplies

For many people just starting out with home organization, one of the big deterrents can be cost. With entire stores set up to provide home storage containers, it is easy to imagine that you will be spending hundreds of dollars just buying organizational supplies. If you are smart, though, and just a little bit creative, […]

Monday 16 January, 2023

Christmas Ornament Storage Dos and Don’ts

While reading Christmas Ornament Storage Dos and Don’ts: Dos, hopefully you already came up with some useful Christmas ornament storage ideas, and picked up some Christmas ornament storage bins which will help you keep all of your treasured decorations safe and organized. To further guide your efforts, in this article, I am going to share […]

Monday 09 January, 2023

Christmas Ornament Storage Dos and Don’ts: Dos

Looking for Christmas ornament storage ideas, or trying to figure out what Christmas ornament storage containers to purchase? Before you try to determine how to put away your post Christmas clutter this year, it is worth taking some time to think about whether your current system of Christmas ornament storage is working for you. If […]

Monday 02 January, 2023

What are the Best Non-Clutter Gifts? Part 2

This holiday season, maybe you have decided you no longer are up for exchanging traditional item-based gifts with friends and family. Perhaps you are working toward the goal of decluttering and minimalism, and maybe your loved ones are too. That does not mean you cannot give each other awesome gifts though! In Part 1, I […]