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Monday 27 April, 2020

This Might Be the Easiest Way to Decorate Plastic Bins

Looking for ideas for decorating plastic storage bins, but don’t want to do anything too elaborate or time-consuming? If you want to try a project which involves the most basic supplies and which does not take long at all, one of the best options for how to decorate plastic storage drawers and tubs is to […]

Monday 20 April, 2020

Ideas for Rewarding Yourself for Organizing

If your difficulty isn’t finding home organizing tips and ideas but putting your plans into action and actually getting organized around the house, you’re far from alone. A lot of people struggle with follow-through. There are a lot of reasons why follow-through is so hard, but one primary reason is simply that we are motivated […]

Monday 13 April, 2020

What is Akrasia?

For many people, the greatest challenge of getting organized is not finding home organizing ideas or choosing an organizing system. The greatest difficulty is simply following through on the decision to get organized. While researching this topic to write Tips for Following Through on Organizing Goals, Parts 1 and 2, I came across a concept […]

Monday 06 April, 2020

Tips for Following Through on Organizing Goals, Part 2

Do you have an easy time setting organizing goals, but a hard time following through on them? For a lot of people, making plans for getting organized at home or work isn’t the problem; it is turning those organizing dreams into realities which poses the challenge. In Part 1, I shared the following tips for […]