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Monday 25 February, 2019

How to Clean Plastic Containers with Vinegar

Trying to figure out how you can clean your plastic food containers effectively? It can be quite a challenge to get rid of stubborn grease or remove tomato stains from plastic. You can actually get most of these stains out using regular dish soap, but many people prefer to use a method which is completely […]

Monday 18 February, 2019

How to Clean Plastic Containers with Lemon Juice

You’ve just finished off that leftover Italian food you had in your frozen food containers, and of course the tomato has left behind stubborn, unsightly stains. Why does tomato sauce stain plastic, and how can you get stains like these out of your plastic food containers so you can restore them to their original appearance? […]

Monday 11 February, 2019

How to Clean Plastic Containers with Rubbing Alcohol

Trying to figure out how to clean plastic containers naturally? There are a lot of different methods you can use to remove grease, stains, and odors from your plastic food containers. Standard dish soap works quite well, but you can also try vinegar, lemon juice, salt, or rubbing alcohol. Today I want to talk about […]

Monday 04 February, 2019

How to Clean Greasy Plastic Containers

Plastic food containers have a lot going for them. They are versatile, lightweight, easy to store, and can be repurposed elsewhere in the house if they get damaged over time. Properly cared for, they can last for years. But they have their drawbacks too, one of the biggest ones being that they are incredibly hard […]