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Monday 29 February, 2016

Spring Cleaning Part 1: Introduction

It’s that time of the year again where we usher in new beginnings. The weather’s starting to warm up in many places, which makes it the perfect time to get up in the attic and out in the shed (before it gets too hot) and start going through things you may not need. Most of […]

Monday 22 February, 2016

Spring Cleaning Challenge: Organize Your Closet

One of the reasons that a lot of people decide to clean out their homes in spring is the change of weather. It makes it natural to rearrange and put things away that we do not need over the warmer months. Heavy blankets go back into the closet, and warmer clothing may go into storage […]

Monday 15 February, 2016

Is Spring Cleaning Really Important?

It’s that time of year again! The weather outside is finally beginning to warm up, and blossoms are starting to appear on trees. There’s that sense of freshness in the air, and you just want to go outdoors and enjoy it! Except … there’s that nagging feeling that you should be up in the attic, […]

Monday 08 February, 2016

Get Your Dorm Organized for Spring

Did you just head back to college for the spring semester? If so, this is a great time to check out some dorm room organization tips. Oftentimes when you get back from winter break, you bring a lot of stuff with you from home, which means your dorm room can easily turn into a mess. […]

Monday 01 February, 2016

How Can You Use Plastic Bins for Gardening?

It may still be winter, but it is never too soon to start planning for spring and thinking about your garden! Today I want to talk about different ways you can use plastic bins for gardening. There are so many creative uses for simple plastic storage totes that you will be amazed! • Storage bins […]