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Monday 28 July, 2014

Organizing Your Pool Stuff

While it may still be a little too chilly to make good use of your outdoor pool, if you have one, this is a perfect time to get your pool stuff in order. That way it will all be ready to go for summer. You may not have a lot of pool stuff, or you […]

Monday 21 July, 2014

Organize Your Shed

It’s summer time and the weather is warm in many places. That not only makes this the perfect time of year for cleaning house, but also for tackling outdoor storage and organization tasks you may have been putting off over the winter. It’s time to get out and organize your garage, and also take some […]

Monday 14 July, 2014

Organizing Your Papers

One thing that is always tough to keep organized is papers. Odds are you have a lot of different papers in your home. Some may be personal, while others may be work or business related. Still others may include tax documents and bills. Organizing your important papers is a challenge, but not an insurmountable one […]

Monday 07 July, 2014

Save Money with Steel Shelving with Plastic Bins

If you need to organize supplies in a stock room, one of the best options out there is to use a combination of steel shelves and plastic bins. These two supplies are incredibly versatile, and are ideal whether you are storing office supplies, hardware, and accessories, or any number of other parts or implements. In […]