Stack and Lock Bins

Protect your electronic components from typical electromagnetic interference (EMI), electrostatic or induced fields with these molded, carbon-filled, copolymer polypropylene bins. Surface resistivity is less than 105 Ohms-per square. Easy access to stored items with hopper front bin and label holder provides fast identification. The conductive material provides a barrier which these fields cannot penetrate and prevents the build-up of electrostatic charge. Bins are permanently conductive and are unaffected by washing with normal cleaners. Be sure all units are properly grounded according to your use. Color is Black.

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  • ESD Bins QCS10CO


    4"L x 3-7/8"W x 2"H

  • ESD Bins QCS20CO


    7" x 3-7/8" x 2-7/8"

  • ESD Bins QCS30CO


    10-1/4"L x 5-7/8"W x 5-1/8"H

  • ESD Bins QCS35CO


    14"L x 4-5/8"W x 4-7/8"H

  • ESD Bins QCS40CO


    13-1/2"L x 8-1/8"W x 6-1/8"H


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